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Happy Birthday to all July - ians ;) / 0 comments

Hi, I'm back in the blogging world. Its actually my assignment. Skill Enhancement subject. And I like have to update it everyday woiii =.= I don't have classes only on Fridays, therefore I choose to work. I work in a nursery in Mont' Kiara. I work so at least I earn a little income.

So, today I went to work like usual. Woke up early. Kak Ima was also there :) During lunch time, the three birthday kids mom came. David, Karen and Yuina and their mom's. It was a havoc. My gosh, you know how kids get when they're excited. So after eating, the kids took their bath and showered. 

I went back home around 5.05, and I was lucky because as soon as I reached the bus top the bus arrived. Sampai je rumah, I jumped and hugged Lea, as it was also her birthday. At that time Lea and mommy was melting the chocolates for SMKDIY's Hari Keusahawanan tomorrow. From the time I came home all I did was help Lea. I stayed over to help. We stayed up till' 4. And we woke up at 6. Terer kan kita. So I gotta sleep now, byeeeeeeeee. Lets see how the Keusahawanan day goes. And hope Lea sale's goes well too!

P.S: I got my salary today, so that means I'm going shoppingggggggggg!

Marie Fernandez


Thank you for dropping by. By the way the above means welcome in Japanese. You just stepped into my life. If life was easy where would all the adventures be? Hover your mouse to the picture for colour. Cool huh? The navigation's are on top. Don't get lost, or you'll never find your way back. Let's all take a moment to sit back and relax. Enjoy!

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