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SMKDIY's Keusahawanan Day / 0 comments

Hi, Marie is back! So like I said yesterday, today my ex high school had Keusahawanan day. And like I said again, I helped my cousin because she was picked to open a booth. So we cracked our brains and thought of making our booth look like a candy buffet. Don't know what's that? Go Google yourself ;) We had to wake up early because anyone who was taking part had to be in school at 7.30 a.m.

Lea and her other classmates. 
Our booth was small and didn't have time to look for other props so it was simple

The sun was shining very very very bright day that, even around 10 something it was blazing hot. Nalisha and I walked around the school as she had left that school for almost 6 years now. She said school changed a lot and she misses it. Well, even for me, I last went to school for my SPM examination and the last paper was 5th December. Oh actually no, the last time I went to school is to take the SPM results. Lol.

Okay so back to the main story. So it was 11 something when Nalisha said that she was hungry and wanted to eat and we both couldn't stand the sun. We were sweating like mad. So we stopped by at our favourite mamak stall, Istilah. We ate lunch there and after that bought lunch for our grandparents.

After that, we went back to school to finish up the coupons and help Lea finish selling. And to our surprises when we got back everything was sold out except the cupcakes. So we helped her finish selling the few pieces left. And after packing all the stuff we headed back home. We celebrated Lea's birthday, she's 16 noww. Happy birthday cousie. You know we may fight and don't agree on things alot, but if you realized we're very close ♥ I love you.

Lea and the birthday cake. Carrot cake from Secret Recipe

At 3 something I went shopping and reached home around 10. Didn't buy much. Mommy will start making noise. She'll be like " Not enough ahh?" She's just jealous actually :) Okay I got to sleep now.  Night.

Marie Fernandez


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