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Cheese Burger cupcakes / 0 comments

So, you think cupcakes only look like the ones you usually see?
Well, no! This is my favourite YouTube channel on baking stuff. 
Feel free to watch. Everything you need to know is in the video.

Marie Fernandez

Hello Earthlings. / 0 comments
Okay. So hi and omg. Like I left my blog for almost 2 weeks maybe. Well, I'm busy finishing my assignments. And because of assignments and stuff I fell sick and my flu is still with me after two weeks. Had fever and headaches everyday. Still surprised  I'm actually alive.

So yesterday which is Thursday, I joined in the Forum that Sir Shahril posted. I wrote everything in detail and when I posted it, it had an error. Then I checked what was the problem. When I checked, there was no internet excess. My stupid gay broadband disconnected by itself. I was so pissed of that I just logged out of my CLIX. So now I've got to gain my mood back to answer. 

The whole two weeks was havoc, I didn't have rest at all. I hope its all worth it. So on Friday, 19th July. My English class group mates went to KLCC to complete our assignment. First we went to Petrosains, ate lunch for the non-Muslims, Aquaria KLCC, and then to the park! Why KLCC? Because transportation was easy. Also because we just wanted it simple. And to be honest, It was worth the money. We enjoyed ourselves :)

Found a mirror in Petrosains

Feeding session @ Aquaria KLCC

Walking to the Park

So, I got to go now. Tomorrow I have so many things to do, even though its a Saturday. As long as you haven't pass up your assignments, you can never rest. That's what I believe. Okay so byeeeee everibadehhhhhhh. Sleep tight and Goodnight.

P.S: That video is specially made for you Sir. Lol. Cepat terharu ;)

Marie Fernandez

Despicable Me :) / 0 comments
Last years Eid ul fitr with Cousie's

The yellow minions are just so cute right? Cannot resist them. If I could buy them as pets I would, baby I would ~ Haha. Okay so today is Thursday. Heh, so lazy to update this blog. My own personal blog pun last update in January -.- But since its for assignment malas tak malas update jugak lahhh, kan Sir ;)

Okay so, I actually don't know what to write. Sir cakap jangan merepek dalam blog. Okay so I'm just gonna write about what I did the past few days. Since I already wrote what I did on Monday I'll write from Tuesday on wards.

My class today starts at 2.30. But I went earlier to finish up some stuff. Nothing much really. Helped my friends with their blogs as they are first timers in this blogging world. Then after that ate lunch and went to class. After class I went back to my hostel and didn't do anything much.

So, this was yesterday. Yesterday I had morning and afternoon classes. After classes I went back to my hostel lied down. I was almost asleep when papa called and said get ready to go for a talk about something. I was so lazy to go but didn't want to disappoint him. So I got ready and went down. The talk started at 8.30 to 11.30. I sat there clueless trying not to fall asleep. Three hours!! When it ended I straight away got up and told papa "I wanna go back" Papa said "Don't wanna makan anything or buy anything to drink" me "NO". I was to tired and sleepy to even eat. As soon I reached my hostel I bath and went to sleep.

Honestly, I was like a living zombie today. My eyelids were so heavy. All it wanted to do was close. I didn't have enough rest. I couldn't concentrate in English class. Before he came in I actually fell asleep. Lol. Even when he was teaching I could not understand a thing. Duhh. Luckily my sleepiness wored off. Second class was Skill Enhancement. Sir was like "awak tulis pasal saya eh dalam blog awak." Hehe, bagus Sir perasan. So now I know he actually read my blog :) Hi Sirrrrrrrr! Okay, so later papa will come and pick me up to go back home! Yipeee! Haha.

That is all for now. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee. Selamat beriftar

Marie Fernandez

Hello Monday -.- / 0 comments
Don't worry, be happy :)

So, I didn't have morning classes today. *Ahhh, what a bliss. My earliest class was at  11.30, so I didn't have to wake up so damn early. So today in P.P.A.K class, we had to confirm our programme thingy. A bit sad because it wasn't all good. But hey, everything has a solution. So after that En. Fir let us watch a movie and the title of the movie was 'Are we There Yet?' Honestly, I already watched this movie but it was a long time ago. And our homework has got to do with the movie. So yeah, you think any lecturer will just let you watch a movie for nothing? -.-

After class ended, Deva and I rushed to get the 2.40 p.m bus. Then when we arrived at our hostels, we decided to go to Paradigm for a while because we had to buy some stuff. We were there for about one and a half hours. When I got into my hostel, I was the only one there -.- Woahhhh. Evryone didn't come back yet. Okay so I decided to edit and update this blog. Now its 7. 38, and I might go to Paradigm again later to go shopping! Yes, again :D

I'll probably just tell you what I did in tomorrows post.
Bye, and end your day well. Goodbye people.

Marie Fernandez

My Sunday / 0 comments

Hi, so today is Sunday. Went to eat lunch at a Baba Nyonya restaurant called Red Door at Aeon Kepong. And after that went walking around but I didn't buy anything, haha. After a few minutes walking we decided to go home. And when I reached home, I seriously did nothing. All I did was eat and scrolling my timeline on Twitter. Ohhhhh and gossiping sessions with my cousins :D

And now, I'm updating this. Later I'll have to go back to my hostel, which I really don't want to do :( My Housemates are seriously boring. But yeah, I have classes tomorrow. My schedule Changed cause Sir Shahril said the class terlalu ramai. So okayyyyyy.

Have to go now, if I keep writing I'll start to mengarut. Bye. Will update tomorrow if I have time.

P.S: Puasa is coming, which means Raya also :)

Marie Fernandez

SMKDIY's Keusahawanan Day / 0 comments

Hi, Marie is back! So like I said yesterday, today my ex high school had Keusahawanan day. And like I said again, I helped my cousin because she was picked to open a booth. So we cracked our brains and thought of making our booth look like a candy buffet. Don't know what's that? Go Google yourself ;) We had to wake up early because anyone who was taking part had to be in school at 7.30 a.m.

Lea and her other classmates. 
Our booth was small and didn't have time to look for other props so it was simple

The sun was shining very very very bright day that, even around 10 something it was blazing hot. Nalisha and I walked around the school as she had left that school for almost 6 years now. She said school changed a lot and she misses it. Well, even for me, I last went to school for my SPM examination and the last paper was 5th December. Oh actually no, the last time I went to school is to take the SPM results. Lol.

Okay so back to the main story. So it was 11 something when Nalisha said that she was hungry and wanted to eat and we both couldn't stand the sun. We were sweating like mad. So we stopped by at our favourite mamak stall, Istilah. We ate lunch there and after that bought lunch for our grandparents.

After that, we went back to school to finish up the coupons and help Lea finish selling. And to our surprises when we got back everything was sold out except the cupcakes. So we helped her finish selling the few pieces left. And after packing all the stuff we headed back home. We celebrated Lea's birthday, she's 16 noww. Happy birthday cousie. You know we may fight and don't agree on things alot, but if you realized we're very close ♥ I love you.

Lea and the birthday cake. Carrot cake from Secret Recipe

At 3 something I went shopping and reached home around 10. Didn't buy much. Mommy will start making noise. She'll be like " Not enough ahh?" She's just jealous actually :) Okay I got to sleep now.  Night.

Marie Fernandez

Happy Birthday to all July - ians ;) / 0 comments

Hi, I'm back in the blogging world. Its actually my assignment. Skill Enhancement subject. And I like have to update it everyday woiii =.= I don't have classes only on Fridays, therefore I choose to work. I work in a nursery in Mont' Kiara. I work so at least I earn a little income.

So, today I went to work like usual. Woke up early. Kak Ima was also there :) During lunch time, the three birthday kids mom came. David, Karen and Yuina and their mom's. It was a havoc. My gosh, you know how kids get when they're excited. So after eating, the kids took their bath and showered. 

I went back home around 5.05, and I was lucky because as soon as I reached the bus top the bus arrived. Sampai je rumah, I jumped and hugged Lea, as it was also her birthday. At that time Lea and mommy was melting the chocolates for SMKDIY's Hari Keusahawanan tomorrow. From the time I came home all I did was help Lea. I stayed over to help. We stayed up till' 4. And we woke up at 6. Terer kan kita. So I gotta sleep now, byeeeeeeeee. Lets see how the Keusahawanan day goes. And hope Lea sale's goes well too!

P.S: I got my salary today, so that means I'm going shoppingggggggggg!

Marie Fernandez


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