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My Sunday / 0 comments

Hi, so today is Sunday. Went to eat lunch at a Baba Nyonya restaurant called Red Door at Aeon Kepong. And after that went walking around but I didn't buy anything, haha. After a few minutes walking we decided to go home. And when I reached home, I seriously did nothing. All I did was eat and scrolling my timeline on Twitter. Ohhhhh and gossiping sessions with my cousins :D

And now, I'm updating this. Later I'll have to go back to my hostel, which I really don't want to do :( My Housemates are seriously boring. But yeah, I have classes tomorrow. My schedule Changed cause Sir Shahril said the class terlalu ramai. So okayyyyyy.

Have to go now, if I keep writing I'll start to mengarut. Bye. Will update tomorrow if I have time.

P.S: Puasa is coming, which means Raya also :)

Marie Fernandez


Thank you for dropping by. By the way the above means welcome in Japanese. You just stepped into my life. If life was easy where would all the adventures be? Hover your mouse to the picture for colour. Cool huh? The navigation's are on top. Don't get lost, or you'll never find your way back. Let's all take a moment to sit back and relax. Enjoy!

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