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Hello Monday -.- / 0 comments
Don't worry, be happy :)

So, I didn't have morning classes today. *Ahhh, what a bliss. My earliest class was at  11.30, so I didn't have to wake up so damn early. So today in P.P.A.K class, we had to confirm our programme thingy. A bit sad because it wasn't all good. But hey, everything has a solution. So after that En. Fir let us watch a movie and the title of the movie was 'Are we There Yet?' Honestly, I already watched this movie but it was a long time ago. And our homework has got to do with the movie. So yeah, you think any lecturer will just let you watch a movie for nothing? -.-

After class ended, Deva and I rushed to get the 2.40 p.m bus. Then when we arrived at our hostels, we decided to go to Paradigm for a while because we had to buy some stuff. We were there for about one and a half hours. When I got into my hostel, I was the only one there -.- Woahhhh. Evryone didn't come back yet. Okay so I decided to edit and update this blog. Now its 7. 38, and I might go to Paradigm again later to go shopping! Yes, again :D

I'll probably just tell you what I did in tomorrows post.
Bye, and end your day well. Goodbye people.

Marie Fernandez


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