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Last years Eid ul fitr with Cousie's

The yellow minions are just so cute right? Cannot resist them. If I could buy them as pets I would, baby I would ~ Haha. Okay so today is Thursday. Heh, so lazy to update this blog. My own personal blog pun last update in January -.- But since its for assignment malas tak malas update jugak lahhh, kan Sir ;)

Okay so, I actually don't know what to write. Sir cakap jangan merepek dalam blog. Okay so I'm just gonna write about what I did the past few days. Since I already wrote what I did on Monday I'll write from Tuesday on wards.

My class today starts at 2.30. But I went earlier to finish up some stuff. Nothing much really. Helped my friends with their blogs as they are first timers in this blogging world. Then after that ate lunch and went to class. After class I went back to my hostel and didn't do anything much.

So, this was yesterday. Yesterday I had morning and afternoon classes. After classes I went back to my hostel lied down. I was almost asleep when papa called and said get ready to go for a talk about something. I was so lazy to go but didn't want to disappoint him. So I got ready and went down. The talk started at 8.30 to 11.30. I sat there clueless trying not to fall asleep. Three hours!! When it ended I straight away got up and told papa "I wanna go back" Papa said "Don't wanna makan anything or buy anything to drink" me "NO". I was to tired and sleepy to even eat. As soon I reached my hostel I bath and went to sleep.

Honestly, I was like a living zombie today. My eyelids were so heavy. All it wanted to do was close. I didn't have enough rest. I couldn't concentrate in English class. Before he came in I actually fell asleep. Lol. Even when he was teaching I could not understand a thing. Duhh. Luckily my sleepiness wored off. Second class was Skill Enhancement. Sir was like "awak tulis pasal saya eh dalam blog awak." Hehe, bagus Sir perasan. So now I know he actually read my blog :) Hi Sirrrrrrrr! Okay, so later papa will come and pick me up to go back home! Yipeee! Haha.

That is all for now. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee. Selamat beriftar

Marie Fernandez


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