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Hello Earthlings. / 0 comments
Okay. So hi and omg. Like I left my blog for almost 2 weeks maybe. Well, I'm busy finishing my assignments. And because of assignments and stuff I fell sick and my flu is still with me after two weeks. Had fever and headaches everyday. Still surprised  I'm actually alive.

So yesterday which is Thursday, I joined in the Forum that Sir Shahril posted. I wrote everything in detail and when I posted it, it had an error. Then I checked what was the problem. When I checked, there was no internet excess. My stupid gay broadband disconnected by itself. I was so pissed of that I just logged out of my CLIX. So now I've got to gain my mood back to answer. 

The whole two weeks was havoc, I didn't have rest at all. I hope its all worth it. So on Friday, 19th July. My English class group mates went to KLCC to complete our assignment. First we went to Petrosains, ate lunch for the non-Muslims, Aquaria KLCC, and then to the park! Why KLCC? Because transportation was easy. Also because we just wanted it simple. And to be honest, It was worth the money. We enjoyed ourselves :)

Found a mirror in Petrosains

Feeding session @ Aquaria KLCC

Walking to the Park

So, I got to go now. Tomorrow I have so many things to do, even though its a Saturday. As long as you haven't pass up your assignments, you can never rest. That's what I believe. Okay so byeeeee everibadehhhhhhh. Sleep tight and Goodnight.

P.S: That video is specially made for you Sir. Lol. Cepat terharu ;)

Marie Fernandez


Thank you for dropping by. By the way the above means welcome in Japanese. You just stepped into my life. If life was easy where would all the adventures be? Hover your mouse to the picture for colour. Cool huh? The navigation's are on top. Don't get lost, or you'll never find your way back. Let's all take a moment to sit back and relax. Enjoy!

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